August 6, 2019

The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) says it has launched an investigation into an incident where a man’s genitalia was exposed and recorded on camera by police officers following an altercation with a cross dresser.

CVM LIVE is unaware of when the incident took place, but reports are that the JCF has deemed the incident ‘improper conduct’ of some of its members.

The video emerged on social media around two days ago and is being circulated widely.

In the video, a man seen in handcuffs appears to be mocked while a male cross dresser demands money after claiming that they were engaging in sexual activities before being interrupted.

CVM LIVE contacted the Corporate Communications Unit (CCU) of the JCF who confirmed that they have seen the video, but could not provide further details. 

Efforts to get a comment from the Deputy Superintendent in charge of CCU Dahlia Garrick have proven futile.

Aladden Love