September 3, 2019

The Party must have a Leader…

With only four days to go to the internal runoff, both presidential candidates within the People’s National Party are making last minute campaign efforts to ramp up support of the delegates.

Since the leadership challenge was announced in June, tensions have been mounting and battle lines have been drawn.

Dr. Phillips recently launched the Norman Manley Legacy Programme (NMLP), a year-long initiative to reinforce the PNP’s core values and practices through training and a series of community-based activities.

Meanwhile Peter Bunting’s Rise United Camp has set up an endowment fund initiative to help struggling PNP workers.

The initiative has already raised $10 million dollars.

Senator KD Knight, from the One PNP Team says this is clearly another attempt to induce votes amid the internal election, as a funding of this nature would have to be approved by the Executives of the party.