A political battle is looming. Opposition Leader of the PNP, Dr. Peter Phillips has given the Jamaica Labour Party a 30-day deadline to address the public on the status of corruption allegations. The JLP responded with a statement that it will not interfere with independent investigative bodies.

But that response has further fueled the Opposition’s call for more answers and an update on the investigations surrounding the Education Ministry and the Caribbean Maritime University (CMU).

In a release, the JLP led administration says the suggestions made by Dr. Peter Phillips are troubling and shows a lack of understanding of the current anti-corruption framework and the modern tenets of good governance.

The JLP states that Dr. Phillips seems to be attacking the governing party for political gain, demanding that Dr. Phillips retract his proposals, as they have no say in investigations being carried out by legally independent bodies.

But Dr. Phillips says this is senseless, as Jamaica is not a “Military State”.
The governing party is also chiding the opposition leader for what they say is the disingenuous interpretation of the results of the Global Corruption Barometer report.

The claims and counterclaims within the political landscape continue.