June 9, 2019

The People’s National Party (PNP) now faces a possible political fragmentation as Peter Bunting has announced that he will be vying for the leadership of the party.

Peter Bunting, Member of Parliament for central Manchester and former minister of National Security  passionately believes that his decision to contest for the leadership is in best the interest of the party and country.

Mr. Bunting made the revelation in a statement, while acknowledging the contribution Dr.  Phillips has made to the institution and country in various forms.

However, Mr. Bunting postulated that since Dr. Phillip assumed the of presidency of the PNP, he has failed to install strategic transformational initiatives within the party.

But Dr.Phillips fired back in a statement,  saying “the democratic tradition of the PNP remains vibrant and must ultimately be seen as an indication that comrades at all levels remain passionate about the party.”