The political clock is ticking as the general election inches closer.

Both the Jamaica Labour Party and the People’s National Party are confident of a victory, tightening the bolts and screws on the campaign trail.

Speaking at a JLP area council meeting, Prime Minister Andrew Holness lashed out against individuals spreading propaganda while making his case, as to why “one good term, deserves another.”

While cautioning members of his own party not to indulge in social media squabbles, he says legal action will be taken against individuals who share fake news.

The Jamaica Labour Party is being criticized by the opposition for calling a by-election in the South East Clarendon Constituency ahead of a general election.

They say it is a waste of public resources and the party will not be participating.

But Holness states that it’s all a part of the democratic process.

The nomination is slated for Wednesday, February 12 and the by-election is scheduled for March 2.

If only one candidate is nominated, that person would be declared the winner and there will be no need for an election.