The Passport, Immigration, Citizenship and Agency (PICA) is reforming how they provide their services to customers both local and abroad, the agency is slated to launch a number of initiatives allowing Jamaicans the opportunity to access their services faster and easier.

CEO, Andrew Wynter while addressing a crowd of stakeholders announced that PICA will be revolutionizing their online platforms, making them more efficient and user friendly where Jamaicans within the diaspora can easily tap into their services.

Within the next two to three weeks PICA is expected launch a new border management system at ports and an online citizenship application, these are a few of the grand ideas that will be undertaken by the passport agency.

Wayne Golding from the Jamaica Diaspora advisory board greeted the new efforts brought by the passport agency, while warning against paying for passport forms

“You have people out there who are saying that they are consultants and are selling passport forms although it has on it not to be sold, do not pay anybody to get a passport form because it is available online,” Golding warned.

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