Residents of a community in St. Andrew have taken the issue of safety and security into their own hands. This follows a spate of robberies that have been affecting the area for years. They have now moved to keep a watchful eye over the community in order to protect and save lives.

At one point, Pembrooke Hall residents were fearful of walking alone along these streets….as robberies happened far too frequently and at any time of the day. Residents have now reportedly pooled their resources to buy surveillance cameras that have been fitted to light poles along several avenues.

According to them, this is one means of safeguarding those who live here.

“The avenues that have cameras have no incident of robberies at all. So we are of the view that this initiative is helping,” Suzette Smith, a resident, explains. “A combined effort with residents proves that buying the camera is actually cheaper.”

Another resident shares the same view:

“Per day, you use to have four or five robberies but now that has gone down to one. It is a great stem towards crime,” Bevelyn Burgess says.

The Councillor for the Hughenden division, Andrew Harris has played a part in this surveillance camera initiative. He is of the view that the frequent theft in Pembrooke hall has warranted this urgent call for action

“They have bought the cameras, installed them and have seen a hundred percent of criminal activity that was taking place along those avenues. So, we are trying to spread this across the entire division,” he says. “As soon as we are done with Pembrooke Hall, we will go into other schemes and these areas will not be safe havens for criminals.”