Patient 5 has recovered from COVID-19 but has more to share on what he experienced while in isolation. For weeks, he was cut off from his family but reassured himself he would fight the virus and get well.

He was locked off from the world for weeks and in the care of doctors and nurses to fight COVID-19,but adamant he would be virus free.After being taken into isolation on March 12, the only faces he saw daily were medics in protective gear with masks over their faces.

“In the afternoon I received a meal from the hospital and in the evening as well,” he says. ” Every hour or so they will check if you had any fever.”

He, however shares that he could hear the despair of other COVID-19 patients.

“This thing is not really a joke thing,” he says .” Some of them [other patients] was crying, sometime coughing. Some of them once they cough, you know they are sick. Sounds like when you take in too much smoke and a cough.”

Being in that space for so long, he realised how real coronavirus was.

“Some people take it very emotional, some cry, some pray,” he adds.

Worldwide, more persons who have been infected with the virus have recovered. Patient 5 is the first person locally to have fully recovered and discharged from hospital.