Viral Video, Resignations and Moral Authority

We explore the aftermath of the viral no movement day video containing then Agriculture Minister, Floyd Green and Mona Division Councillor, Andrew Bellamy at a maskless celebration.

In the video, Jamaica Labour Party, (JLP) Councillor for the Mona Division in the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation, Andrew Bellamy, and advisor in the Agriculture Ministry, Gabrielle Hylton, are also seen with green toasting to ‘no movement day’ and ‘shower labourite’ comments.

The gathering allegedly took place at a popular hotel in Kingston on Tuesday in celebration of Hylton’s birthday. Floyd green made a birthday post for Hylton on his Instagram page the same day. Green has since issued an official apology on his social media pages, noting he had made a “grave error in judgment.”

What many commentators reacted to most acutely was the apparent example of a double standard in how the COVID-19 containment measures are being adhered to.

Political Commentator Kevin O’brien Chang and Venesha Phillips, PNP Councilor for the Papine Division, joined the CVM Live Panel Discussion to share on the viral video, resignations and moral authority.