The Jamaican Diaspora Links to Crime: What Can be Done?

Minister of National Security Dr. Horace Chang recently called on the Jamaican diaspora to use their money to help develop communities in Jamaica instead of providing weapons that exacerbate Jamaica’s crime problem.

Chang Highlighted the fact that Jamaica’s National Security apparatus has long been aware of Jamaican’s living overseas who supply the funds for the purchase of guns and drugs. However, they have seemingly been at a disadvantage in doing anything about it due to an imbalance in the legislation between the United States and Jamaica.

What can those upstanding members of the Jamaican diaspora do to curtail the operations of their criminal minded compatriots overseas?

Criminologist and CVM Live Contributor Dr. Jason McKay and Head of the Jamaica Diaspora Crime Task Force Dr. Rupert Francis joined our CVM Live Panel Discussion to share on the topic.