The Financial Health and Future of the National Health Fund

The financial future of the National Health Fund (NHF) may be in jeopardy according to revelations by the Health Minister, that costs have increased by close to 140% over the past couple of years and consideration is being given to reducing the subsidies. The fund which is supported in large part by the contributions of the Jamaican populace has also been used to bolster the efforts of the Health Ministry, which extracted $3.5 billion from the entity in 2017. That same year it was reported that the Southeast Regional Health Authority owed the NHF a further $3.5 billion for unpaid prescription drug orders. In this Panel Discussion, we explore the financial health and future of the national health fund. Joining us via zoom is Everton Anderson Chief Executive Officer of the NHF and in Studio Lecturer Jesse James Clarke at the University of Technology, Jamaica in the College of Health Sciences. Watch the full discussion below: