Jamaica’s Ambition for Full Internet Coverage

As concerns grow around the issue of internet coverage and accessibility, Jamaica’s productivity levels are said to have been on the decline at an average of 1.5% per year for decades, and with time away from face-to-face learning due to the pandemic and unequal access to an online option, questions are being asked if there would be an even more drastic reduction in productivity over time.

However, the concept of work is being altered with technology, remote employment, and a shift in the way people think about work driving a change in the way that societies operate globally. Earlier this year Ministry of Science, Energy and Technology, Daryl Vaz described the initiative to have universal internet access in Jamaica by 2025 as the single most impactful intervention to eliminate the digital divide that now exists in the country.

So where is Jamaica as it regards to progress on its journey to full internet coverage?

Dr. Jacqueline Coke-Lloyd, Managing Director of the Make Your Mark Group and Universal Service Fund Director of Projects, Mr. Kwan Wilson, joined the CVM Live Panel Discussion to share on the topic of the country’s journey to full internet coverage as we try to grasp Jamaica’s progress.