The risk of mosquito borne diseases remains a problem for many Jamaicans amid the Covid-19 pandemic. Many are still concerned about the many areas mosquitoes breed, potentially making residents who live in that vicinity prone to various forms of illnesses. In Portland, concerns are being raised about the drainage system and one specifically in Matthews Avenue that has not been cleaned for a period.

“It nah go be nuh one day labour day project cah the drain ago dutty continually. So mi nuh deal with labour day thing like them a talk because them a just one day sham thing,” says Mikey, a Portland resident.

Labour Day is being celebrated on Monday, May 25 of this year. It is being celebrated under the theme labour at home. According to the Minister of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sports, Olivia Grange, it is an opportunity to clean up and fix up one’s home. Residents are worried about the drainage system, saying there might be a disaster if the issue is not addressed.

“Our drainage is connected to the sea that we have a run off. We are living in a flood prone area so if our drains are not cleaned on a regular basis like monthly, we will have flooding , like we are in the rainy season,” says Miguel,another Portland resident

Meanwhile, calls are being made for the Councillor Wayne Mckenzie to indicate what plans are in place for the drainage system.

“The drain is not in a good condition. The drain is stink and full of garbage. So the drain need cleaning right now,” says Moreland Reynolds.

Councillor Wayne Mckenzie has been made aware of the issue and is carrying out the relevant investigations into the matter.

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