Residents of Jackson Town in Trelawny blocked the roads in the community on Tuesday as they called for their water woes to come to end.

Residents say they have been highly inconvenienced and have received no update as to when they will be getting water.

According to them, they have been without water for the past five weeks and the lack of water is causing immense burden as they struggle to carry out domestic duties.

The road blockage has left some residents stranded as they attempt to get on their way Tuesday morning.

One resident told CVM LIVE she made several calls to the national water commission and other authorities but was unable to get a response.

Another man believes the demonstration is a desperate call for the authorities to meet residents and address the water issue.

According to a teacher from Westwood High school teachers left the school compound last week as there as no water.

She says the unavailability of water has affected the operations of the schools. She notes,  however, that blocking the road will not help as many others were unable to get to school and work.