The Seaboard Craft Market Vendors in Falmouth are expressing their frustration, as they say, they are not getting any business, rent is not affordable and their items are being stolen as a result of inadequate security.
They are calling on the port authority of Jamaica and the mayor of Falmouth to address these issues as their livelihood is at stake.
The vendors are paying eleven thousand six hundred and fifty dollars monthly for a space in the Falmouth craft market.
As a result of outstanding payments, the vendors are sometimes locked out of their stalls.

In addition, the vendors say there is not even a welcome sign to the local craft market.
Earlier this month the ministry of tourism announced that Falmouth will become a major resort town, as some 6,000 hotel rooms are in the construction pipeline along the tourism corridor from Rio Bueno to Falmouth.
But will the local entrepreneurs benefit from all these developments.

CVM LIVE will be reaching out to the port authority and the mayor of Falmouth to address those issues.