Young people are the backbone of a society. Their participation in all aspects of society is very important. Unfortunately, we see many youth being deprived of this.
They have no or limited roles in decision-making processes or leadership programs at the local and national level. Isolating young people, intentionally or unintentionally, especially in rural plantation areas, can contribute to drug abuse, illegal and criminal actions, depression, migration and so on.
To discuss this topic are Chevoughn Brown, Demoye Whitley and Kemoy Reid.

What social construct deems them disenfranchised?

–     How should we engage them?

–     How important is it to nation building that we engage them?

–     What interventions are there to understand them?

–     Is it that we should just advocate on their behalf without them having a knowledge of it?

–     How do we empower them to advocate for themselves?