President of the Vendors, Higglers and Markets Association, Dunstan Whittingham, says that members are cooperating with the measures put in place by the Kingston and St. Andrew Municipal Corporation (KSAMC) to facilitate the expected increase in shopping downtown for the festive season.

He said that a number of areas have been designated as no-vending zones, while restrictions have been relaxed in other zones and are being manned by the metropolitan police.

“Enforcements are now in place… people [are] not spreading out into the road, or encroaching on sections of the sidewalk. We are getting that level of cooperation up…from the vendors and higglers and traders, who ply their wares in and around downtown Kingston,” Mr. Whittingham said.

He said that security teams have been working to ensure that a number of intersections and streets remain clear for vehicular traffic and for business to be conducted freely.

“The intersection of West King’s Street and Princess Street, Princess Street and Beckford Street, Barry Street and Princess Street as far as down to Tower Street, those intersections have to be left clear to ensure vehicular traffic can leave from those main roads, going all the way down to the sea,” Mr. Whittingham noted.

He said that while crowd levels are increasing within the market district, things remain under control.

“The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF)… is sending out batches of trainees, who have just come out of college on to the streets. So … you will see them and their instructors and commanders,” he said.

He said that arrangements have also been put in place for the disposal of garbage.

“The vendors are putting garbage to the front…to ensure when the garbage trucks are coming through in the night, you can make sure that they are able to pick it up at a particular point,” he said.

Mr. Whittingham said overall, he is anticipating that this Christmas season into the New Year will be another great experience for vendors and shoppers in downtown Kingston.