Kingston, Jamaica – Uber has once again shown its commitment to users’ and lessor partners’ safety by introducing a new audio recording feature to the Jamaican market. The tech giant says that this new feature is a part of its global focus to make leases safer through innovative technology.

Via the app’s Safety Toolkit, users and lessor partners will be able to start an audio recording at any time if they feel uncomfortable during a lease. The recording will be encrypted on the user or lessor partner’s device, and will only be available to share as a report to Uber support agents that have the key to listen to the audio and take the necessary measures. This means that the file cannot be listened to by either party nor can it be shared with third parties. The file If the incident is not reported immediately, there is the option to do so later.

“We always want users and lessor partners to request a lease and move with confidence. This feature is an addition to this continuous goal. Uber never stops thinking about how to keep our community safe and innovation is always necessary when it comes to providing in-app safety tools,” said Uber.

The audio recording feature is set to join over 22 safety tools now available in Jamaica. All lessor partners and users will be notified when the feature goes live.

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