Tertiary Students Seek Alternative Funding

Tertiary Students Seek Alternative Funding

Many tertiary students are struggling to source funds for the upcoming school year since the Coronavirus pandemic has caused the Student Summer Work Program to be canceled.

Students tend to use the money earned in the program to cover their school expenses.

Yasheka Mcfarlane, a student at Church Teachers College has been trying to seek alternative funding for the next academic year.

Some students have taken on loans to pay for the Work Travel Program to get to the US, where they would then work to repay the loan and make enough money to also pay for their tuition.

Although the program has been canceled, the students will not receive a 100 percent refund as the process would have cost the agency, so students are faced with repaying their loans and having to find alternative funds for tuition.

Another student at the University of  Technology says he resigned from his job, as he was preparing to go on the work travel program in May…

And although he managed to secure another job after the cancellation of the program, the pandemic has also affected his new job.