Suspected Contract Killer Fatally Shot By Police

A man wanted for multiple murders and shootings in two parishes was one of two men fatally shot by the police on Monday, October 26, in St. Catherine.

The men have been identified as Ashado McFarlane, also known as ‘Boysie’ and Jahmeele Omar Smith, also called ‘Blackman’.

Reports are that a team from the Counter-Terrorism and Organised Crime Branch (CTOC) were conducting an intelligence-driven operation in the Duncan’s Pen area of St. Catherine, in connection with the investigation of the kidnapping and suspected murder of a 29-year old Restaurant Supervisor by the name of Kenroy McPherson.

The Police say they have been utilizing intelligence and a combination of technologies that aided the team of investigators in intercepting the vehicle in which the men were traveling. Additionally, the police say upon being spotted by the men, the men opened fire at them, after which a shootout ensued.

When the shooting subsided, both McFarlane and Smith were found suffering from gunshot wounds.

A Remington 12-Gauge Shotgun was seized. They were both taken to a nearby hospital, where they were pronounced dead. One of the men escaped.

Investigators have identified Ashado McFarlane as a contract killer, operating in the parishes of St. Catherine and St. Ann.

CVM LIVE understands that in the year 2020 alone, McFarlane has been wanted and sought after by the police in connection with eight murders in the Linstead, Bog Walk, and Riversdale communities, in the parish. Additionally, he is wanted in connection with one case of murder in Ocho Rios, St. Ann and is a person of interest along with two others. McFarlane is also wanted by the St. Ann Police in connection with four cases of Wounding with Intent, an incident of Shooting with Intent – in which he fired at three police officers – and several robberies in Ocho Rios.

Below is a list of some of the crimes McFarlane was known to be wanted for:

  1. Murder of Millicent Fisher Gunn, committed vic. NCB, King Street, Linstead, St. Catherine on 14.08.2020
  2. Murder of David Drummond  committed at Palm District, Treadway, Linstead, St. Catherine on 16.07.2020
  3. Murder of Clifton Green, committed at Water Course District, Riversdale, St. Catherine in 19.09.2020
  4. The disappearance of Kenroy McPherson who is now believed to be dead
  5. Murder of Steve Brown, committed along the roadway at Orange field District, vic the football field, Linstead, St. Catherine on 21/9/2020
  6. Murder of Renaldo Williams,  committed at Orangefield District, Linstead, St. Catherine  on 21.08.2020
  7. Murder of Yashawn Isaacs, committed at Swamp Lane, Big Walk, St. Catherine on 02/08/2020
  8. Murder of Roshane Chambers committed at Venecia Lane, vic. The Block Factory, Bog Walk, St. Catherine on the 12/9/2020.
  9. Murder of Dalvin Alexander o/c “Stalky”at 105 Apple Avenue, Mansfield Heights, Ocho Rios, Saint Ann on June 17, 2020

McFarlane was a Person of Interest in relation to the murder of Rashawn Mahado. The murder was committed on January 8, 2020, at 8:45 p.m at Mansfield Heights, Ocho Rios, St. Ann. He was also a Person of Interest in the murder of Jamal Barker committed March 1, 2020, about 7:10 p.m at Fern Grove, Ocho Rios, St. Ann.