The Betting Gaming & Lotteries Commission (BGLC) is intensifying efforts to bolster stringent Measures in the gaming industry. Recent developments reveal a focused approach by the commission aimed at enhancing regulatory measures and ensuring compliance among gaming entities. They are introducing a public consultation on
November 20 at 10am at the Terra Nova Hotel geared to educate the public while chartering a path to better transparency and accountability. Read the release:

In a release, the Betting Gaming & Lotteries Commission (BGLC) expresses concerns as they see a

The Betting Gaming & Lotteries Commission (BGLC), in considering proposals to
implement fresh regulations for the marketing and advertising of gambling and
Gambling-related products in Jamaica will be staging a public consultation on
November 20 at 10 am at the Terra Nova Hotel. The event will be hosted by
eminent psychiatrist Dr Aggrey Irons.
An online Consultation, in the form of an e-survey, has already been launched and
is accessed at
The BGLC is aware that research conducted by gambling regulators in other parts
of the world has shown a clear link between marketing and advertising and risk to
customers. However, the Commission also recognizes that the type and level of
risk will vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction, so rules and controls applied need to
be proportionate and relevant to the gambling market in Jamaica.
Research recently commissioned by the BGLC has revealed that:

  1. Children and youth are aware of and engaging in gambling-related activity to a
    greater extent and greater numbers than previously thought.
  2. Most of the awareness about gambling is as a direct result of marketing and
    advertising of gambling and gambling related products.
  3. An overwhelming majority of respondents are not fully aware of the risks
    related to gambling.
  4. There is a sentiment that marketing communications are misleading and do not
    highlight the risks related to gambling.

All stakeholders, including consumers, betting, gambling and lottery operators
and members of the public are invited to share their views on these proposals in
the consultation online.
The public may choose to respond to any or all the questions. All responses will
be considered. Names of individuals, or the organisations they are responding on
behalf of, will be published on the Commission’s website as part of the published
responses to this consultation.
In its commitment to transparency and accountability in the gambling sector, the
BGLC is encouraging this widest possible participation from the respective groups
before proposing and introducing new controls, to ensure that customers are
better protected and the young not unduly exposed.