Saharan Dust Affects Jamaica

Dust blowing all the way from the Saharan Desert in West Africa is expected to affect Jamaica from Monday evening through to Thursday of this week.

The arrival of the Saharan Air Layer was confirmed by the meteorological service.

It has triggered widespread anxiety, but Director Evon Thompson says dust blowing from the Sahara to the Caribbean is nothing new.

Hazy skies are expected along with an increase in dust particles on surfaces.

And as the Sahara Air Layer drifts across the Atlantic and into the Caribbean, Atlantic action will be impacted.

Now the Ministry of Health and Wellness is cautioning citizens to reduce their exposure to the dust, as the particles can have severe health effects.

Including the increased risk of respiratory and related illness, such as asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, and respiratory infection, and allergies.

Persons are also being advised to wear long sleeve clothing, protect their eyes, and cover water used for domestic purposes including drinking and food preparation.