Revised Bernard Lodge Plan To Bring Sustainable Development To St. Catherine

The Bernard Lodge Development is back in the headlines, this time around with the introduction of a revised master plan that is said to improve the living and working conditions for the people and create employment and opportunities that all residents will benefit from.

Minister without Portfolio in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation, Daryl Vaz gave the assurance that there will be no further changes to the area.

He was speaking at the Bernard Lodge Master Plan press conference earlier today held at the Office of the Prime Minister. The revised Greater Bernard Lodge Development Master Plan was approved by cabinet last month. The original Master plan was 3948 acres of land with 43% reserved for agriculture .

Vaz emphasizes that the revised master plan has 5,384.48 acres. He outlines the difference while promising there will be no further changes going forward. The revised plan will also improve several areas of infrastructure. He adds that the plan is a game changer , open to consultation and not bi-partisan .

Minister Vaz was quick to point out that all affected persons will be compensated and relocated. The Master Plan for the integrated development of the area is the first of its kind to include residential, commercial, agriculture and agro-processing.