Psychologist Claims Oberlin Incident Is Psychological 

As the court of public opinion continues to speculate the cause of the Oberlin incident that saw to multiple students screaming and floored in distress, psychologist Dr. Leahaim Semaj disagrees with the much-talked-about rumored spiritual awakening.

He presents a psychological framework noting “this was not a supernatural experience, but a psychological phenomenon”.

Dr. Semaj adds similar cases can be found in Asia, India and Africa.

He notes, the illness usually presents itself where people share a common location, such as a school, and a common belief.

Another reference point is its prevalence being dominant among females, as he notes the majority of female students seen in the viral videos being affected. 

Adding, this can be triggered by internal or external factors in one’s environment.  

He pushes cognitive behavioral therapy as a treatment for this and champions the call for more awareness of this possible cause. 

Meanwhile, as the Ministry of Education’s declaration to look at protocols for school devotions moving forward,

Dr. Semaj agrees with this act, noting he believes teachers tend to impose their own religious paranoia on students. 

Dr. Semaj believes this reaction from the Oberlin High students cannot be avoided, since reacting is a part of the human experience.

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