Prime Minister Holness Urges Developed Countries to Help Rid Jamaica of Guns

While speaking at the United Nations General Assembly on Thursday, Prime Minister Andrew Holness challenged developed countries to implement stricter safeguarding strategies to ensure illegal guns are not brought into Jamaica. 

Holness admits Jamaica has a major issue with illegal guns, which can be credited for the scourge of crime across the nation.

However, he says guns are not manufactured in Jamaica, and consequently reiterates that the countries where they are manufactured must be more conscious of the aforementioned. 

Holness says countries like Jamaica have had to implement strict measures to ensure drugs do not leave their shores into developed countries.

He is calling for similar strategies to limit guns in the country. 

The Prime Minister also highlights an increase in violence since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic.

He says the availability of illegal guns drives the homicide rate in Jamaica and other parts of the Caribbean. The Prime Minister’s plea is the most recent appeal to rid the country of illegal guns.

It also follows the passing of a more stringent illegal Firearms Act in the House of Representatives.

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Reporter: Velonique Bowen