Prime Minister Holness: No-movement Days Lifted

The no-movement days that have been in effect for the past six Sundays, have been lifted, Prime Minister Andrew Holness made the announcement while addressing the House of Representatives.

New curfew hours: Sunday to Saturday 8 pm – 5 am

Prime Minister Holness says the curfews will now run from 8:00 pm to 5:00 am every day starting on Friday, October 29. The measures will be in place until Wednesday, December 10.

In an effort to control the virus and protect citizens, gatherings are limited to 50 people, given they are all vaccinated.

Measures will be reviewed in three weeks.

“All banned countries have been removed from Jamaica’s travel list.” said the Prime Minister. Explaining that the countries have controlled their outbreaks and have very high vaccinations rates, expressing that the evidence shows that they have a higher vaccination rate than the country Jamaica.

In regards to the reopening of schools, he believes the learning loss suffered by the children is “incalculable” He believes the safest place for the children to be in the pandemic is at home, however, he highlights that not all homes are safe. He believes that provisions must be made for the unvaccinated to be educated as it is not about depriving anyone but protecting them, and implores those who wish to have face-to-face learning should be vaccinated.

Jamaica is expecting 45,630 vaccines through the Bilateral arrangement with the Government of Surinam – Gift from the United States. 100,620 vaccines through the Global Co-Vax Facility. The Minister of Health will resume the Pfizer vaccines inoculation on November 1

More details to come.