” Focused on Fixing The Economy Not on an Election” – PM Holness

There’s more uncertainty on whether the country will go to the polls soon. Despite rising political temperatures, Prime Minister Andrew Holness is signaling that he’s focused on fixing the economy that has been hit hard as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic and not on an election. 

The Prime Minister was speaking in St Elizabeth on Friday during the handing over of a one-bedroom house to an 88-year-old resident from Braes River in the parish.

The house which was completed at a cost of just under 6 million dollars forms part of the new social housing program under the Hope Initiative in the Ministry of Economic Growth and Job Creation. 

On Tuesday a bill was tabled in the House of Representatives to facilitate holding  General and Local Government Elections at the same time sparking even more speculation that the Holness administration is preparing for an election. 

With the economy on the verge of a recession Holness says he can’t afford to ignore the country’s economic reality. According to him, the Government has been busy analyzing the current situation and he’s focused on economic recovery.

In an obvious reference to the vociferous reaction to his commentary recently about Jamaica missing the opportunities of previous industrial revolutions and the impact of ideologies of the 70s, Mr. Holness said the conversation cannot be about the past but about Jamaica’s future. 

Prime Minister Holness says the Government will move to enable and empower the private sector to boost growth.