“This victory is OUR victory. It is a victory for the PNP. I am grateful, humbled and honoured to be elected as the sixth President of the Peoples’ National Party,” said a jubilant Mark Golding who received 1740 votes to Hanna’s 1444 and was declared as the winner by Julian Robinson, General Secretary of the PNP, at their Old Hope Road Headquarters.

In a five minutes speech to supporters of his campaign and Party members, he thanked Lisa for an intense campaign and assured Party members that inclusivity would be a forefront feature of his leadership.

Mark Golding Claims Victory as PNP Leader

“I am ready to sit with Comrade Hanna to share my vision and hear her own vision so we all can work together as a party to rebuild and refocus our efforts as a stronger PNP,” said the new Comrade Leader, Mark Golding. “We are ready to bridge the gaps of disunity and discord, I’m inviting all comrades to come under this big tent for a stronger movement.”

He campaigned on uniting the 82 year old Political Movement, providing support through an endowment fund for Party Workers, Inclusivity in Decision Making and strengthening the organization structures through a robust political education programme, mentorship for the youth organization, technical support for groups and affiliates and charting a path to stability for the Party’s finances.