The eighteenth general election will be held under COVID-19 restrictions outlined by the Electoral Office of Jamaica and the Ministry of Health and Wellness that seek to protect the population (protect voters) while they cast their ballots.
New election protocols will see fewer persons at polling stations and an emphasis on physical distancing.

In three weeks when electors go to cast their ballots at polling stations across the country, it will be quite a different experience.

For the first time in Jamaica’s history, large gatherings during Nomination Day and Election Day will be an offence as Covid-19 restrictions redefine election protocols.

On Nomination Day, August 18, the prospective candidates will not be able to experience the benefits of a cheering crowd.

According to the Director of Elections, Glasspole Brown, polling stations will be ready to facilitate the polls.

All persons must be wearing a mask, which should only be removed briefly on the instructions of the presiding officer at the polling station to confirm the voter s identity.

Despite these new restrictions CVM LIVE spoke to voters who say they will not miss their opportunity to make their choice in the upcoming election.

In order to protect voters, the restrictions will also see persons adhering to physical distancing guidelines.

Another elector says the pandemic will not stop her from showing up at the polling station on September 3.

Political Ombudsman, Donna Parchment Brown explains that she has already met with representatives from the four registered parties about getting citizens to comply with the restrictions.