Early End To SOE’s, Paves The Way For Election 2020

Election 2020: States of Public Emergency is to come to an end on Monday, August 17, paving the way for the 2020 General Election. The resolution was piloted by Prime Minister, Andrew Holness in Parliament on Tuesday, clearing the way for the general election to be held on September 3.

On Wednesday, the Senate approved the resolution passed but not before the Opposition provided feedback. Senator Lambert Brown was the first to speak:

“When I look on the order paper and all the resolutions not taken many from the Opposition, it tells me that this government at best is a government of public relations but judgment cometh. The judgment cometh and what I’m hearing out there is Cambridge, Salt Spring, Falmouth throughout the country people are saying bye-bye to this PR government. They are saying it is time to sweep out the incompetent crime management.”

Senator, K.D Knight also noted that the Prime Minister had chosen to expose citizens to election 2020 when criminal activities are still high. Describing the PM’s decision as “recklessness”, he said “…the political penalty for recklessness is to remove that person or persons who are culpable and the Government of Jamaica as it is today are culpable. It is incumbent on the people of Jamaica to remove this reckless government.”

In response, Senator, Matthew Samuda noted issues with the Senator’s presentation. Samuda said, “I’m being frank with you. I find it was particularly unfortunate, it was unbecoming of a man of your stature and it is not like you Senator Knight – and I find it disappointing. Let us read what needs to be read. Now, Mr. President, there is no denying statistics we can’t have it both ways. Have there been times where we have had to re-adjust strategies because things have not worked according to plan? Absolutely, but if we were to look at what could have taken place because of the decision to impose states of emergency to label it as reckless is just simply untrue.”