PNP looks to regroup – The 2020 General Election results have proven quite unfavorable to the People’s National Party (PNP). With fourteen elected members of parliament and Dr. Peter Phillips, stepping down as party leader. The party will now have to regroup and rebuild, form a shadow cabinet, and find a party president to carry on with the country’s business.

The 82nd Anniversary of the People’s National Party is fast approaching, however members and supporters may not be in a celebratory mood. The format for the party’s annual conference, usually held in September, has not yet been disclosed.

PNP Looks to Regroup – It is however uncertain what will happen next, as the party will have to focus on healing, after suffering a political concussion in the 2020 general election. Members of the Party’s National Executive Council are expected to meet in the coming week to strategize a plan, in addition to electing a new president.

Crawford says the band-aid approach will not work. This election has entirely abolished the concept of “safe seats” and has left a bitter taste in the mouths of many. Robian Williams engaged the expertise of a political analyst and has more in this report.