Special Services Electorate – Police, military, and Election Day workers cast their ballots on Monday in the 2020 General Election. The Electoral Office of Jamaica (EOJ) is reporting a moderate voter turnout. Our news team traveled across the corporate area, to witness the voting process.

No fanfare, no election fever. Based on observations, there was a 100% compliance rate with the established health protocols. Masks on and sanitation stations mounted. Upon entering the polling station temperatures were checked. There were no lines seen which would eliminate the need for social distancing.

Under the representation of the People’s Act, provisions are made for these electors to vote three days before the rest of the population, to ensure that they are available for duty on Election Day.

Election Day workers, military, and police personnel who vote on Monday, August 31 will not be able to do so on September 3. 46,777 special services electors are on the voter’s list for this year.

This group (Special Services Electorate ) comprises of 11,512 police officers, 4,181 soldiers and 31,084 Election Day workers. 215 designated locations were used to facilitate the voting process. The ballots will be sorted and transferred to the respective returning officers to be counted on September 3.