Election 2020: Manifestos Being Warranted

Manifestos Being Warranted – Jamaicans will go to the polls come September 3, to elect their government in the 18th parliamentary election since Universal Adult Suffrage in 1944. With just under three weeks to go, the question making the rounds in the political circle surrounds the manifestos for both contending parties.

Political campaigns are in full swing following the announcement of the General Election come September 3. Party members are out in their numbers shoring up support in all sixty-three constituencies in an aim to claim victory.

The election dubplates are dropping one after the other, and has no doubt created a buzz of excitement. However, the public want the political manifestos.

So far the “build back stronger” party has zoomed in on achievements made during their term in government…

In addition, the Jamaica Labour Party (JLP) is pointing out the reduced poverty rate in the country by 40%, the lowest in 10 years, and a record low in unemployment.

For the “Building your Jamaica” party, snippets of what is believed to be their manifesto are being shared on social media.

Among things listed are grants and special rate loans for unemployed, underemployed and university students. Greater support for persons in agriculture and to build 130,000 homes under a rent to buy program.