Prime Minister and Jamaica Labour Party Leader (JLP), the Most Honourable Andrew Holness, says the party will avoid confrontational politics.

The Prime Minister made the comment as he addressed a gathering in the town of Falmouth. The Jamaica Labour Party motorcade was disrupted by a gathering of PNP supporters, many of whom were not wearing masks.

The party leader warned that Covid-19 is still around and that PNP supporters coming out to create unnecessary conflict while breaching safety protocols, showed a lack of leadership. He said the Jamaica Labour Party will ensure that all safety protocols are followed and noted that COVID-19 is impartial to whether one wears green or orange. 

The Prime Minister highlighted that he would never allow politics to cause his party to behave uncivilly towards another. He said the days of antagonistic and confrontational politics are over and that he would never engage a politics that makes people uncivil towards each other. 

Anyone who is a subscriber to the Jamaica Labour Party, you will know that you do not have my support if you go out and disturb another party’s event,” the Prime Minister said. He said politics does not mean that we must behave uncivilly to each other. The Prime Minister said that if the PNP had leadership, their supporters would be told not to behave in this manner and certainly they would be told to wear their masks. Referring to the PNP he said, “If they had leadership, leadership would tell them not to come here and do this; if they had leadership, leadership would tell them to put on their masks.”

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister said he could tell that the PNP supporters had no confidence, noting that for many years the town has voted one way and cannot show any real results for their loyalty. He said nothing lasts forever and there is a change coming to North Trelawny. 

The Jamaica Labour Party is represented in North Trelawny by Attorney-at-Law, homegrown, Tova Hamilton.

 The Prime Minister and Miss Hamilton will continue to tour several areas in the constituency today.