A zone of special operations (ZOSO) was declared for the Greenwich Town community in Southwest St. Andrew on July 1.

Prime Minister Andrew Holness in declaring the Zone of Special Operations in Greenwich Town says despite multiple attempts to control crime, murders in the community continue to increase.

When our news team arrived in the community members of the security forces were already stopping residents and requesting identification.

A motorcyclist was stopped, unmasked, and searched.

While some residents welcome the enhanced security presence, others are not so happy about the latest developments in the community.

The Greenwich Town ZOSO is the third to be implemented across the island.

In 2017 one was implemented in Mount Salem St.James, then another in Denham Town, kings also in 2017.

But the effectiveness and the ability of the ZOSO to bring substantial change has been long criticized as ineffective.

Security expert, Bobby Finzi Smith says ZOSOS in the past has done little to dismantle criminal elements.