Transport and Mining Minister, Hon. Robert Montague, is encouraging the public to utilize the Ministry’s recently launched ‘Drive Safe’ mobile application (app) to report motorists who continue to commit road traffic violations, particularly public passenger vehicle (PPV) operators.

The app, which launched in December 2019, allows users to upload videos and photos of offences.Uploads include date, time and location stamps.

Additionally, it allows persons to view their uploads along with those from other users.

These are screened by the monitoring agency, the Transport Authority (TA), before being uploaded on the app, which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Speaking at the official opening of a satellite office and retrofitted examination depot for the Transport Authority and Island Traffic Authority (ITA) in Savanna-la-Mar, Westmoreland on Thursday (February 6), Mr. Montague said there have been 1,700 downloads of the app, to date, resulting in the prosecution of a number of PPV operators.

He informed that 12 road licenses have been revoked, over 40 warning letters served, and more than 90 meetings convened with taxi operators who were reported for road traffic violations.

Mr. Montague said the initiative is part of the Ministry’s undertaking to reform the public transportation system by, among other things, ridding the sector of disorderly operators.

“I want everybody… to download the Drive Safe app… because it allows you to report the kind of taxi and bus drivers we want out of the business. Those that overtake long lines; those that overtake on soft shoulders;those that do everything wrong. [Therefore] I want to encourage everybody to help us to report all of the breaches,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mr. Montague advised that the Transport Authority’s ‘Travel Pal’ safety and security mobile app for commuters is set to be launched in March.

The app will allow the public to use their mobile devices to scan the registration plates of units used as PPVs, to verify if they are licensed by the agency.

Travel Pal will also allow users to share information on their location with family and friends, when using a PPV.

Additionally, commuters will be able to rate operators’ service or file a complaint if dissatisfied.