Outraged Jamaicans Back Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck Into An Apology

Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck is apologizing unreservedly for the lack of sensitivity displayed during a discussion of the issue of sexual harassment.

Minister Chuck, speaking during a sitting of The Joint Select Committee on the Sexual Harassment Bill, was commenting on the time period within which a non-criminal sexual harassment complaint can be made. In seeking to determine a reasonable time period for complaints in Jamaica, he made reference to the #METOO Movement as he noted the length of time which elapsed between the encounters and the matters being reported. Minister Chuck, in issuing his apology, stated, “When I queried what time limit would be appropriate, I made remarks about the #METOO MOVEMENT.

I unreservedly apologize to anyone who found my remarks inappropriate, as I never intended to disrespect the #METOO movement or to diminish the seriousness of the emotional trauma caused by sexual harassment, but on reflection I understand the concerns raised by members of the public.”
Mr. Chuck said he fully recognized the courage and strength of victims of sexual harassment who speak out against offenders, and stated that, in fact, in his other contributions to the discussion he encouraged seamen to report and bring criminal charges against men who touch them without invitation. In the same committee meeting, Minister Chuck lamented that he is pained by the crudeness and brutish behaviour meted out to seamen regularly in communities across Jamaica. He says respect for women, treating them with dignity and civility are critical.

Justice Minister, Delroy Chuck further added that Jamaica must begin to grapple with how, as a country, we work through institutions, communities and families to change the cultural practices to show greater respect for our women.