Oberlin High School Students Faints During General Assembly

Following several viral videos on social media earlier today in which students of Oberlin High School can be seen fainting, Acting Principal Antonette Gray has issued a statement. Read the full press release here:

Dear Mrs. Bloomfield-Smith

On Wednesday, October 26, 2022, at 7:40 am. We convened a General Assembly with all students and teachers in the schoolyard.

One of our teachers had previously informed us that she had a word for the student population, and so she was given the opportunity to share along with another teacher. Based on my humble opinion during the worship, some students were overpowered by the anointing and started to worship aloud as well. While a few others had to be taken to the nurse because they could not control themselves and a few had also fainted. We believe that some of the students seeing what was happening naturally became afraid.

After worship ended, the students were sent back to their classes however, more students were brought to the nurse because they were acting abnormally. The nurse along with other teachers tried to calm them while others offered a word of prayer.

Some parents who were on the campus at the time also helped to console the students while other parents called the school to find out what was happening and if their children were okay.

Because of the complexity of the situation and the fact that some students were unsettled school was dismissed at 10:00 a.m. with only the PATH students allowed to remain in order for them to collect their lunches.

Yours truly

Oberlin High School Acting Principal

Antonette Gray (Miss)

We will have more updates in a subsequent newscast.