Consumers can now see the cost of petrol at gas stations in Jamaica with the use of a new mobile app, launched by the Consumer Affairs Commission (CAC).

The appshows users where gas stations are in Jamaica, the distance the user is away from various gas stations and the different prices gas is being sold for by stations registered with the CAC.

The CAC Jamaica app, which can now be downloaded through the Google Play Store, was launched at the John R. Wong Supermarket, in New Kingston, on December 11.

Minister of State in the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries, Hon. Floyd Green, tested the app himself to compare the gas prices per gas station nearest to him at the launch.

“This app will help you (drivers) to make a real-time adjustment and assessment if it (buying gas) is worth your travel. This is one of the exciting features of the app. Not only does it give you the petrol prices with the gas stations that are close, not only does it give you a section to make  a comparison, but it also gives you the direction to get to the petrol station with Google Maps,” Mr. Green said.

Information Technology Manager, CAC, Andrew Evelyn, gave a brief overview of how the app works in relation to checking gas prices.

“We’ll be having a petrol price information on our app. It will give you the petrol gas station closest to you, based on the GPS information stored in your mobile device. You will be able to get the cheapest gas station on it, you will see how far away the gas station is, the directions to the gas station and other features,”he said. “Not only that, the app will give you grocery prices. You will be able to compare grocery prices at different supermarkets in your immediate area,”Mr.