Names To Be Released For CARE Grants Collections

The Ministry of Finance‘s COVID-19 Allocation of Resources for Employees programme is announcing that it will be releasing the names of individuals who have not yet collected money disbursed to them under the programme.

The names will be released on May 8 in newspapers.

The Ministry in a press release says this action follows a number of others taken to have the grants collected.

However, approximately $300 million remains uncollected at the Laso Moneygram remittance agency. The majority of the uncollected grants are from the SET Cash, General Grants and Compassionate Grants.

“The CARE Programme has successfully disbursed over $17 billion to over
500,000 Jamaicans,” the release noted.

Individuals are being advised to collect the grants from the Lasco Money Gram agencies by providing their CARE reference number, TRN and a valid Government issued ID.