MP George Wright to Withdraw from Caucus & Apply for leave from House

Party Leader Andrew Holness, last evening convened a meeting of the Jamaica Labour Party Parliamentary Caucus to discuss the outcome of an earlier meeting held between Mr. George Wright and the General Secretary of the Party Dr. Horace Chang.

Mr. Wright will withdraw from the Government Parliamentary caucus in light of unresolved allegations circulating in the public domain which are causing deep concern to many Jamaicans and the Jamaica Labour Party, including its Parliamentarians. This means that Mr. Wright’s status in Parliament would be that of an independent member.

The Government Caucus also discussed the issue of Mr. Wright’s attendance in Parliament and concluded that he should also be encouraged to apply to the Speaker for leave of absence from sittings of the House of Representatives until the allegations in the public domain are resolved.

Consequent to Mr. Wright’s independent status in Parliament, Dr. Chang advised that the requisite organs of the Party would promptly meet to discuss the matter of his membership in the JLP within the rules of the Party and to determine the next steps.

The General Secretary advised that Mr. Wright had not shared any information regarding the video circulating in the public domain but had acknowledged that allegations made against him were of a serious nature and were causing grave concerns for his role as a parliamentary representative and inconsistent with the principles, policies and positions of the Government and Party.

Prime Minister and Party Leader Andrew Holness noted, “violence and abuse is endemic in our society and at epidemic levels. The Government and Party must demonstrate clearly that any act of violence must be unequivocally condemned and totally rejected. As we lead a national campaign against violence, it is important that our national leaders have the credibility and confidence of the people as we ask them to change their behaviours and attitudes”.