With less than a week remaining until schools reopen, 7-year-old Robin Smith who was born with cerebral palsy will be left behind due to what his mother believes is discrimination on the part of the education system. 

The boy’s mother Shamoy Morrison says most schools are refusing to accept her son, while the others are requiring him to wait 2-3 years before he can be enrolled.  Robin, who based on his age, should be entering the second grade, has never seen the inside of a primary school classroom. 

Although he is informally home-schooled, Morrison insists Robin is competent enough to be in the official school system. 

Morrison is urging the authorities to invest in resources for the disabled.  While the 2022 Disabilities Act highlights the right for special needs children to be offered an education, but Morrison says her son is yet to experience that. Cvm Live reached out to Education Minister Fayval Williams who has assured us she will look into the matter. More details here:

Reporter: Velonique Bowen