Montego Bay Mayor Moves to Remove Campaign Material in Parish

Montego Bay Mayor Moves to Remove Campaign Material in Parish

Light posts and community signs with pictures, and political colours have not been removed from a number of constituencies across the island. The Political Ombudsman, Donna Parchment Brown has taken note of this and has called on city managers of the municipal corporations and the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA) to enforce the rules regarding the signs. The St. James Municipal Corporation has complied with this request

“The municipal corporation will be ordered or be given the duty to take down those flags and posters. Once they have done that, the persons who had them there will be fined,” explained Mayor Leeroy Williams.

In a news release from the political ombudsman, she noted that arrangements should be made for urgent and complete clean up as many of the billboards and signs were only permitted on private or public property with the permission of the owner. Mayor Leeroy Williams notes that those who erected the signs were given specific dates to remove them but have failed to comply.

“Listen they were given an ultimatum yesterday so the time has passed. Once the municipal police goes in and find that they have flags up and they have to take them down, they are going to fine them.”

Political candidates and their supporters who participated in the September 3rd general elections are now being asked to remove the campaign material on or before October 3rd 2020. Mayor Leeroy Williams was speaking at a press conference at the St. James Municipal Corporation.