Ministry Of Local Govt Condemns Recent Party Held at Reggae Mill Bar, Devon House

Minister of Local Government, Desmond Mckenzie is condemning the staging of a party by popular Jamaican restaurant Reggae Mill at Devon House on July 4.

Mckenzie who gave a statement after videos of the event began trending on social media says he was very disappointed in the promoters,  patrons, and management of Devon House for the staging of the event.

Devon house is managed by the National Heritage Trust. He has ordered Devon House closed effective Monday, July 6, 2020.

“Devon House, which is a very important entity in the country, has been operating outside of the protocols that have been outlined by the Government in regards to its operation,” the minister said at a press briefing yesterday morning. “The Reggae Mill (restaurant and bar ), based on information that we have gathered, has been operating for almost five weeks, every weekend, with numerous parties, with hundreds of persons not observing the social distance. It is clear that there is little appreciation for the rules that have been laid out.”

“Therefore, Devon House, officially, will have to close its doors until we are satisfied that they have complied fully with the protocols that are set out by the Government as it relates to social distancing,” said McKenzie.