Michael Lee Chin Clears the Air on Innswood Saga

Businessman Michael Lee-Chin has given an extended interview to CVM Live, in which he addresses the recent firestorm of accusations surrounding the use of lands in Bernard Lodge Innswood, St Catherine, which has attracted significant national interest.

Interest has been growing, following reports that the Bernard Lodge and Innswood Estate lands were being considered for the development of residential properties. After they had been leased with the intention of implementing a mother farm concept to drive agricultural production.

Reports suggested that Model Agricultural Production Limited, which is a company associated with Mr. Michael Lee-Chin, who also owns Cvm Television, may have been seeking to utilize the land for other purposes.

In a statement from the cabinet in response to public concerns, it read that “other entities associated with Mr. Lee Chin have expressed an interest in purchasing a portion of the lands and have advised that they wish to use those portions of land for housing.”

Mr. Lee Chin explained when he realized the extent of the provisions concerns were subsequently raised by the advocate’s network who questioned whether Jamaica’s food security may be impacted by such a move.

While also recalling the relocation of farmers who had previously occupied the lands Mr. Lee Chin provided further clarity on how the initial lease agreement had been brought to his attention.

Mr. Lee Chin says, he was deeply concerned about the reports issued in a prominent national paper that lead to the firestorm surrounding its contents.

Mr. Lee Chin says, he is hoping the situation will create an opportunity to engage in greater dialogue on the issues affecting the nation. More details here: