Mayor Delroy Williams Says He Took Steps To Detect Any Fraudulent Activity In His Municipality

As a number of municipal corporations come under fire for alleged corruption, Mayor of Kingston and St. Andrew Delroy Williams says he has already taken steps to detect any fraudulent activity in his municipality.

Mayor of Kingston and St. Andrew Delroy Williams wants a number of departments at the Kingston and St. Andrew municipal corporation KSAMC to be audited in an effort to detect fraud.

Williams says his office has already written to the auditor general requesting the audit. The mayor says recent developments at the municipality will also be investigated. He says the municipality hopes to strengthen its internal controls and to ensure programs are in place to prevent fraud.

Fraudulent activities by employees at municipal corporations are nothing new, five persons were charged for a 400 million dollar fraud at the Manchester Municipal Corporation…and currently, the independent commission is actively conducting an investigation at the St. Ann municipal corporation in an effort to detect unlawful activities.