The St. Thomas Police are probing the circumstances under which 55-year-old Hopeton Robinson was shot and killed outside his home in Catholic Lane, Yallahs, St. Thomas Thursday night. 

Reports are that at about 7:40 pm, Robinson was taking a shower in an outside bathroom in his yard when he was attacked by three armed men. 

The unknown assailants opened fire, hitting Robinson all over. He later succumbed to the gunshot wounds. His nephew who spoke to him just a few minutes before his death, tells our news team he heard the gunshots and hoped it was not his uncle. 

He says he cannot understand why anyone would want to harm Robinson, as he describes him as a man who has always stayed out of trouble. 

Cvm Live understands that the men escaped on motorcycles. The incident has shaken up the community, as residents say they’re fearful this will become a pattern. More details here:

Reporter: Velonique Bowen