The Yallahs Health Centre in St. Thomas is expected to benefit from the adopt-a-clinic program, through the Ministry of Health and other stakeholders. Health Minister Dr. Christopher Tufton, who was speaking at the adoption ceremony says this move will be critical for the parish’s ongoing development. Dr. Christopher Tufton says as St. Thomas develops there will be greater demands placed on its healthcare facilities.

Yallahs Health Centre benefited from the adopt-a-clinic program by the D. Terrence Foster Foundation. Dr. Tufton lauded the initiative and said that primary facilities must be used to advance community wellness, which is key to community development. Chief Executive Officer for the DTerrence Foster Foundation Inc, Dr. D. Terrence Foster says the needs of the clinic are extremely significant, therefore the foundation is committed to providing assistance to the facility, with a three-year program. Meanwhile, the Health Minister says the ministry will continue assessing the parish, for further development. Watch more details here:

Reporter: Justin Graham

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