Local tourism players are welcoming the latest World Health Organization’s recommendations to have countries open their borders and lift travel bans. The senior advisor in the Tourism Ministry says Covid-19 will always be a challenge however, economies have to carry on. Players in the local tourism sector are supporting the World Health Organization’s recommendation regarding the lifting of travel bans to boost tourism economies globally.

Delano Seivright, Senior Advisor and Communication Strategist in the Tourism Ministry, supports the position of the W.H.O and noting the recommendations are logical. Seiveright says at this point given the mild effect of the omicron variant, it’s evident that bans will be abolished. However while there’s still uncertainty on whether omicron may be the final strain of the virus, Seiveright insists vaccination is important.

In response to lingering concerns about the risks of fully opening borders he says most countries along with Jamaica have chosen to open up as a means of survival.