Woman In Fake Kidnapping Video Charged

The woman seen in a video alleging she has been abducted, with her kidnappers demanding one million dollars for her release, has been slapped with extortion charges. The charges follow an investigation by the Counter Terrorism and Organised Crime Investigations Branch (CTOC). 

Shameka Miller, a customer service representative of Seaview Gardens, Kingston, was charged for extortion and creating public mischief on Tuesday. Reports are that at about 4:45 Monday afternoon, miller conspired with her accomplice stating that she was kidnapped while demanding money from her family members for her release. A video footage was then sent to the family with a gun being held at miller’s head, to intensify the demand of one million dollars.

However, when the demands were not met, miller reported that she was released on Spanish Town Road.

C-TOC subsequently probed the matter in which the 27-year-old was apprehended and charged in the presence of her attorney. A court date is yet to be finalized. Meanwhile, Senior Communication Strategist in the JCF, Dennis Brooks, in a video Thursday, also condemned certain prank videos that are being posted on social media, which have raised several concerns. Brooks says some of these videos are wicked and unkind, bordering on committing a crime.

Reporter: Justin Graham.

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